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Family Involvement

One of the meanings of the name, “Our Fathers House” is that the Benders believe in the family of elderly to be part of their ministry also. They believed God was the one who designed the family and involvement of the family is the oil that makes our ministry run smoothly. Visitation is open for families at all times since they believe in Our Fathers House being “home” to the elderly. They want the elderly to be able to welcome their children or grandchildren into their home just as they did prior to coming to Our Fathers House. Families are encouraged to join in for meals and activities.


Families are recognized as having a divinely appointed role in the lives and care of their loved ones. As a plan of care is developed for those who are in need of care, this happens in consultation and with support from the family. Changes or new directions in care are made with involvement of the family. For the Bender’s, the life journey of each elderly is considered of utmost importance and is their most important mission.


The extended family of each elder, including pastors, neighbors and friends, are also encouraged to visit and remain a part of the life journey of one. They come not only to give give a blessing but to allow the elders here to be a blessing as God has called them to. The elderly have so much to offer in sharing their wisdom and knowledge from life’s experiences.

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