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Our Campus Setting

Living in an elderly home with the environment, the Bender Family has set up brings peace and happiness to those who reside at Our Father's House. They cater to the needs of those in independent and assisted living elderly homes. As mentioned earlier, it is a ministry for the Bender Family to provide the hospitality set up in this environment. There is a pond, water fountain, ducks, gazebo, gardens, park benches, and walkways. Everything in the environment and treatment shows the true meaning of the Commandment from the Book of Exodus, "Honor thy father and mother." 

Housing for the elderly is available for those who need assistance and those who do not and choose to live independently. There is plenty to do in the community. Twenty homes sit in the community. Eight are close-knit, in a circle around the water fountain. Eight more cottages are in a beautiful country setting with more of an open view. All have a front porch that allows for enjoying the outdoors and viewing the sunrise in the morning. Most cottages offer a view of a beautiful sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. The four other homes are near a railroad track where the residents can enjoy the trains, farm animals, and peaceful setting.

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