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Each individual cottage has a full kitchen, plenty of living room space, a beautiful propane gas fireplace and full-size garage.  The garage is equipped with a remote operated opener. Each cottage has a ramp instead of steps to the front door for easy handicapped accessibility. A full-size washing machine and dryer is conveniently located in an enclosed closet just inside the garage door. Each cottage has a second bedroom, which can be used for a friend or relative to live there for only $150 a month additional rent. Or it can simply be used as an office, sewing room, guest room, etc.


Eight of the ten cottages are located in a cozy, village setting around a beautifully landscaped water fountain. The water fountain is complete with walkways, park benches, and lighting for nighttime and evening enjoyment. Each cottage has a front porch with a roof for weather protection and rails for security. The porch faces the water fountain. The beauty of the water fountain can be enjoyed in daytime hours when the roses and landscaping are visible - or at nighttime when the water fountain is beautifully lit up. Each porch has a view of the western sky, and on a clear evening, allows for enjoyment of the sun setting over the Blue Ridge mountains.


There are eight upgrade model cottages located on the opposite side of the road from the water fountain. With 1176 square feet, these cottages have extra spacious kitchen, dining room and living room areas. These units have the luxury of a master bedroom with a second bathroom. The scenery here is more that of an open, country view. There is a small park in the making that already includes a nice gazebo with beautiful landscaping and smaller water fountains around it.


The remaining four cottages are located in a more private setting behind the main facility and closer to the railroad. Occupants are able to enjoy the view of passing trains, a barn, and farm animals grazing in the pasture. These four cottages have the advantage of all being individual units instead of being part of a duplex. These are the upgrade model, 1176 square-foot cottages. They are an opportunity for those wanting the security of a campus setting and involvement in the campus community - while enjoying a more quiet, rural environment.


There are plenty of opportunities for cottage occupants to be involved in the local community, churches and government. Trips are regularly taken to events such as the annual community Thanksgiving service, the 4th of July memorial service at the National Cemetery, the firemen's parade, and community high school events, etc. Current occupants volunteer in various ways at the main facility for the elderly. The country setting gives occupants opportunity for gardening, feeding ducks at the pond or walking for exercise.


For those more inclined to shopping and dining opportunities, the campus of "Our Father's House," is located just outside of the town of Culpeper. Starbucks, Target, Martins, Chick-fil-A, the SunTrust Bank, Walmart, Belk, and more are all located only 3 miles from the campus. For those in need of transportation, the county bus service is available for only $.50 per ride.


The cottages are a wonderful opportunity for those who want to downsize and avoid the need for maintenance of lawn and farm property. The burden of landscaping, repairs and snow removal will now be lifted. Winter snow can be enjoyed sitting by a fireplace instead of shoveling blocked driveways and walkways. Moving to the cottages eliminates the hassle of property and appliance maintenance. Housekeeping and laundry services are available for an additional charge. Most current occupants do not need this service since a smaller house makes cleaning more manageable.


For those who need the security and comfort of having assistance right beside them in case of an emergency, a life-alert call bell system is included in the monthly cost. When activated, the system informs the staff at the main facility and the household oversight family of the need.

There's also the comfort of knowing that the assisted living facility is available either for yourself or a spouse - if this need arises down the road. A smooth, concrete driveway allows for easy interaction between the facility and the cottages. One of the current occupants has a husband who needs to be in the assisted living facility. In addition to her being able to visit him frequently at the facility, he is able to visit her at the cottage as well. The concrete driveway and ramp to the porch allows him to visit her every day with his electric wheelchair. At times, they meet in the middle and, together, enjoy the scenery of the water fountain.


Some folks enjoy living at the cottages to be part of a community in a family environment. Occupants have many opportunities to participate in events at the main facility. Every week brings with it a schedule of events in which occupants can choose to participate. Every week has a bible study on Wednesday morning, and usually one or more special music groups in the evening. Every Saturday evening features a sing-along of traditional hymns. Summertime brings picnics and marshmallow roasts. A news-current program is presented every Wednesday evening. Other activities are listed on an activities calendar.


Life at the cottages is both enjoyable and rewarding. It is rewarding because it gives you an opportunity to continue to live your life with purpose and meaning through giving to others. The scenery, activity opportunities, environment, and convenience all serve to make it enjoyable.

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