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Home Cooked Meals

When it comes to having home cooked meals every day, our elderly feel special degree of respect. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served every day, with Sunday's being a little different. The household family oversees each meal cooked while adding their special touch. Sharon Bender is the cooking specialist at Our Father's House and is in charge of the recipes and the menu. Sunday's have a bigger meal during the lunch hour. After the meal on Sundays, everyone enjoys ice cream and homemade pies. There are plenty of leftovers, and everything that goes with cooking is designed to do it the same as home. Fruits, ice cream, and snacks are some of the items leftover that get eaten throughout the day. Many say it is because of the food the home does not feel like an institution.

Sundays are special to remind us that God rested on the seventh day and also calls us to times of rest in our lives. A “Sunday banquet” is served for the noon meal on Sundays. White tablecloths along with china are used every Sunday to accent this as a unique meal from other days of the week. A very nice meal with a major dish such as turkey or roast beef is served followed by home made pie and ice cream every Sunday.

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